Sunday 26th March 2017

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Asthma and exercise can be a perfect match

Exercise for asthmatics if managed correctly does not stop anyone from participating and even succeeding at their chosen sport. Most sports require fitness and endurance, and asthma—a respiratory condition that causes shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing—can...

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Tips for buying a bicycle for Christmas

Tips for buying a bicycle for Christmas Joondalup City Cycle (JCC) is one of Perth’s leading bicycle retailers who have been involved with all things cycling since 1994.  They are partnering with the 2017 ECU Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma, and have offered some tips...

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Bicycling Western Australia Membership Promotion

Bicycling Western Australia wants to make bike riding a part of everyday life and we are working to make it easier, safer and more accessible for all Western Australians. We’ve got you covered. Bike riding a lot fun but sometimes things can go wrong, that’s why every...

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Who do you ride for?

Asthma makes breathing difficult, lowers quality of life, and can become deadly within minutes.

 1 in 10 have asthma.

So either you have it, or your sister does, or your son or cousin or friend. And all of them deserve to breathe confidently.

This is why we ride:

I ride for Ben. Ever since he was 3, when Ben gets a cold it means a trip to the emergency department because of his asthma. Even when he isn’t sick, Ben’s night wheezing makes it hard to sleep and he is often tired at school. His dad and I worry about him having an attack while playing outside. Asthma Foundation WA is helping us improve his health for the better.

Natalie, Ben's mum

I hadn’t had an asthma attack in 20 years. But last year I went to New York. When staying with a friend who had pets, I woke up gasping for breath. I did not think to bring my puffer and started to panic. Pharmacies were open but wouldn’t sell me a puffer without a prescription. I very luckily got through, but it could have ended much worse. Now I always bring my puffer and take asthma seriously.


We ride for Angie. A debilitating asthma attack changed Angie’s life. Now, routine medicines don’t work and she needs constant care to continue breathing. She cannot get out of bed most days. With no cure for asthma, we fundraise and hope researchers will make a breakthrough to help people with severe asthma like her.

Steve, Angie's husband


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